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From webmaster and O'Bara family friend Manny Koukoulas

         What I would like to share with you is something very special. I first heard about Kaye and Edwarda about 8 or so years ago. Being a musician and producer sometime ago, I was compelled at the time to write a song about Edwarda and her mission. As time went on I became a close family friend to Kaye and Edwarda, however the song never came into fruition until January of  2004.

          Coincidently, I have a cousin of whom like Kaye, is blessed with frequent visitations of the Blessed Mother.  In January of the same year, my cousin  called me and told me that as she was praying one day, all of a sudden the Blessed Mother appeared to her and told her to contact me and have me write a song to be presented to Kaye and  Edwarda for her 50th Birthday.  

        The Blessed Mother suggested some of the words to my cousin of which were sent to me ( I couldn't have asked for anyone better to collaborate with ). Before I started to write the song I prayed and asked for guidance. It was then I realized I had to start the song beginning with the day Edwarda accepted her mission 36  years ago from God.
          A friend of mine Cathy Mancini sang the song and we finished it in the recording studio the day before Edwarda's 50th  party.   Now mind you, Kaye had no idea what was awaiting till the day of the  party. I had requested her to block out about 15 minutes or so during the birthday festivities so I can present a "surprise".

          I presented the song to Kaye and explain to her that it was from the Blessed Mother. When we played the song, we made sure Edwarda's room was opened so she could hear it. It was beautiful. Kaye was deeply touched as was everyone in the room.

       The name of the song is My Blessed Child. You can click here to see the words of the song.
The song is available for $10.00 through Kaye. Please contact Kaye to order your copy of this
beautiful song that will help support her and Edwarda.
I guarantee you will be deeply touched by this song.

                                              Kaye, Edwarda I love you,
    Manny Koukoulas

Please note: Kaye holds all the rights to this song. All monies and or future royalties of the sale of this song will go exclusively to The Edwarda O'Bara Fund. 

PS, I thank the Blessed Mother deeply for choosing me to bring her song into fruition.


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